Jan 03, 2024

Are you ready to embrace the new year? Many consumers may be entering 2024 with thicker waists and thinner wallets but are inspired to get their finances back in order. While there’s no magic secret to whipping your finances into shape, there are good habits you can adopt right away to steer you in the right direction. Here are three tips to help reach your goals and achieve financial success in 2024.

Start with an assessment

Before writing down a big financial goal, evaluate your current finances as a starting point. That can be as simple as reviewing your checking and savings accounts as well as any outstanding balances on credit cards or other debt. Next, write down a few goals and what it could take to achieve them. Is creating a budget the answer? Are you taking advantage of cash-back on purchases? How much interest is your money earning in your savings account? These are just a few questions that could help jumpstart your progress. Compare your answers to these Cinfed checking accounts and savings accounts to see if it could be worth making a change.

Create a path to achieve your goals

Now that you’ve written down your goals, prioritize them. If you used up a lot of your emergency savings during the holidays, build your emergency fund back up to a satisfactory level based on your monthly expenses. If you’ve checked that off your list, think about what could be next:

  • Will you be in the market for a new car soon?
  • Are you paying for college tuition in the fall?
  • Is retirement in your short-term plans?

Cinfed's budget calculator can help you set a price point on your savings goals as well as how much you could put aside on a weekly or monthly basis.

Schedule a meeting with a financial coach

As much as we’d all like to achieve financial success on our own, getting help from a financial coach could strengthen your financial well-being and possibly shorten your timeline. Whether that’s making extra room in your budget or getting a better rate on a loan, having another set of eyes could change everything.

At Cinfed, you have access to a financial team ready to help you take control. You can schedule an appointment with one of our financial coaches online or by calling your nearest branch.

Bottom Line

However small you start, just get started. It’s okay to chip away at your goals a little at a time. As you continue to make progress, consider re-evaluating your habits and financial choices. Maybe you can cut back on buying coffee or a monthly subscription you no longer use. Nonetheless, you’ll be proud of the sacrifices you made when you reach your first goal and beyond.