Your Success Is Our Success.
Why Just Bank When You Can Belong?

Since 1934, we've always been there for our members - to listen, guide, and provide exceptional service for financial needs.

We're here to change your relationship with money: to give you the time and attention you need to make your money work for you.


For almost 90 years, we've been helping families just like yours.

Welcome To The Cinfed Family.

At Cinfed, we want to be on a first-name basis with you. That's just the way we're built: we're a credit union, not a bank. Instead of going to shareholders, our money goes back into the organization for lower fees and better rates. Our success is your success - literally!

Anyone who lives in the Tristate is welcome to join the Cinfed Family. Why just bank when you can belong?

Our Core Values: 

Cinfed is a member-owned cooperative, so every person with a Cinfed account has a stake in our success. We strive to meet each of our Core Values on a daily basis.

Be honest and straight-forward in order to build trust and long-term relationships.

Earn members’ business and make it possible for co-workers to do the same.

Seize opportunities by acting promptly to make decisions and complete tasks.

Constantly seek ways to improve processes, products, services, and ourselves.