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Making Employee Benefits Easier

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57% of employees say finances are the top source of stress in their lives.

As an employer, here’s a FREE and EASY solution for you: Cinfed Works, our exclusive package of financial services that supports your most valuable asset — your employees.

Local like you: financial services close to home!

It’s a fact — employees who are confident and comfortable with their finances are more productive, dependable and stable. Stress and uncertainty from money worries can impact mental health, emotional health, and even physical health.

A partnership with Cinfed Works helps your employees with those important issues. A recent survey indicated that 74% of employees seek financial advice and guidance when dealing with financial decisions, life events, or a crisis.

The Cinfed Difference

Since 1934, we’ve been helping people and businesses across the Tristate. These deep roots are just the beginning of the Cinfed Difference.  

  • Local focus. Every employee, from teller to CEO, lives here — so we’re always thinking local.
  • Safe & secure. Cinfed insures up to $1.25 million of individual deposits — that’s $1 million more than traditional banks.
  • Member owned. As a credit union, everyone who has an account here is a part-owner: earnings can go back into things like better rates and lower fees.
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We’d Love To Work With You

Cinfed Works is specifically for Tristate businesses, with built-in flexibility to meet the needs of your employees and your organization. Let’s start with a conversation. Contact Laura today!

Laura Ratliff

  1. APY = Annual Percentage Yield for Health Savings Checking Account.