Establish A Trusted Contact To Help Protect Your Account

The Trusted Contact form serves as a precaution by providing another point of contact in case we are unable to reach you regarding your account.

It can be added to new or existing accounts; discuss your options with a Cinfed Financial Coach.


Providing Additional Peace Of Mind

What is the Trusted Contact form?

The Trusted Contact form identifies an additional point of contact besides the member in the event of unusual or suspicious activity, to verify contact information, to perform a wellness check, or other inquiry regarding the account. Cinfed will reach out to the Trusted Contact if a timely response is not received from the member or attempts to contact the member fail.

The individual listed as the Trusted Contact does not have access to the account but can be informed by Cinfed staff about concerns regarding the account.

Who should complete it?

The Trusted Contact form can be added to any new or existing member account at no cost, so anyone who wants an additional level of security can complete it. It can be particularly helpful in preventing elder abuse, defined as taking advantage of an older individual for financial gain.

The form can be completed in any Cinfed branch location.

How does it work?

Cinfed’s Compliance and Membership departments continually review accounts. If there is a concern regarding an account, a staff member from Compliance or Membership will reach out to the member on the account. If the member does not respond appropriately, Cinfed staff will review the Trusted Contact form and reach out to the designated individual with the concern.

What benefits does this provide for members?

The Trusted Contact form:

  • Provides an additional point of contact when the member cannot be reached
  • Provides an additional precaution to help prevent illicit activity such as fraud or identity theft
  • Increases peace of mind to those responsible for elderly members
  • Can be added at no cost

You can discuss the Trusted Contact form with a Financial Coach at any Cinfed location. Click the button below and schedule an appointment at your convenience.