Builder's Information Center

We take pride in making the home building process easy for all parties involved.

Please review the list of required documentation below. 

Required Documents:


To get started, we ask prospective builders to provide additional information prior to approval. You only need to provide this information once - we will keep a record of it so we can continue to do business with you in the future.

Required Documentation

  • Builder Profile/Builder Application
  • W-9
  • Certificate of Workers Compensation
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Builders License

Self Build

  • Resume/Portfolio
  • Letter of explanation with details about what qualifications you posses to build your own home.


Draw Request

Before a draw request can be completed, we ask builders to fill out a W-9 form. This form can be submitted via fax (513) 333 -3852, email at, or delivered to our Mortgage Department at 4801 Kennedy Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45209.

A request for a draw should be accompanied by the following:

Once we have the above 3 items completed, we can release funds as long as the percentage of completion is within a normal range. For example, the percentage of funds disbursed needs to match the percentage of completion. Typically, Cinfed allows vendors 5 business days to complete the above requests. Sometimes it can take longer than 5 days. We strive to meet the 5 day turn around time, and are persistent in communicating with vendors to get this completed quickly.