Schedule of Fees

Overdraft, Non-sufficient Funds
Stop Payment Order
Paid Overdraft
Deposited Item Returned
Overdrawn Account Fee (Account balance negative for 5  business days) $30.00
Overdraft to RCA Line of Credit
Overdraft to Main or Super Share
Copies of Statements or Paid Checks
Paper Statements
Check Reorders (price varies w/design selection)
Counter Checks (4 per sheet)
ATM/Debit Card Fees
Non-Cinfed ATM transactions & inquiries
(4 free per month on Non-Kasasa® checking accounts)
Receive up to $20 in ATM fee refunds each month with
Kasasa® Checking! Click here for qualifications &  details.
ATM Surcharge (Use Allpoint or Alliance One for surcharge free access)   Varies by ATM
Cinfed ATM FREE for Members
Debit Replacement Card $15.00
Lending Fees Fee
Consumer Loan Late Fee (Effective 9/1/17)
Mortgage Loan Late Fee
Commercial Loan Late Fee (Minimum $50.00) 5% of Payment
Electronic Transfers Fee
Incoming Wire $10.00
ACH Origination Fee $20.00
Outgoing Wire $30.00
Outgoing International Wire $50.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Account History Print Out
Bad Address Monthly Fee $5.00
Official Checks
Christmas Club Early Distribution
Certificate Early Withdrawal Admin Fee
Dormant Account
(No transactions for 5 years for Ohio, 3 years for Kentucky; IRAs 3 years
inactive for both Kentucky and Ohio)
IRA Early Distribution
Legal Garnishment/Tax Levy
Court Ordered Child/Spousal Support
Money Orders (Age 55+ = $1.00)
Nonmember Check Cashing a Cinfed Check
Research Fee $30.00/hour
Research Copy Fee $2.00/page
Account Transfer Fee (New Account Number Requested) $50.00
Account Reopen Fee $50.00
Online Fees
Online Banking Monthly Service Fee
Online Bill Pay Monthly Service Fee
Mobile Banking Monthly Service Fee FREE
Mobile Deposit Fee FREE
Bill Payment Stop Pay Fee
Relationship Fees Fee
The following fees can be avoided by maintaining an account balance of $200 or more in
shares and/or loans.
Monthly Paper Statement Fees (Excluding Minors & 55+) $2.00
Coin Machine Usage (Excluding Minors) 10%
Inactive Monthly Fee (No transactions for 12 months, fee waived if primary accountholder is under the age of 18 or account is an IRA or Certificate)
Safe-Deposit Boxes
3 x 5 — $30.00 5 x 10 — $65.00 5 x 5 — $35.00
10 x 10 — $90.00 3 x 10 — $40.00  
Box Lock Drilling Fee
Key Replacement Fee
Business Services  
Business Checking Monthly Maintenance $15.00



Cinfed Credit Union
4801 Kennedy Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45209
(513) 333-3800
Routing #242076656


Liz and the gang have surpassed all my notions about what banking should be, they bring unparalleled customer service to the table. So much that whenever I walk in, I am greeted like good neighbors... 
— D English
I have been a member since 1968. That is the year I started with IRS. I think we have used every service Cinfed has to offer. 2 home mortgages, personal loan ,RCA, car loan. They have always been... 
— Jan, member since 1968
I love Cinfed! They treat us like family!!
— James, member since 1990
Dedicated member since 1972. Cinfed has been there every time I have needed them. Being without Cinfed now, well it would be like losing a member of the family.
— Norma, member since 1972
The one-stop banking capability for home mortgages, automobile loans, savings accounts and credit cards...all with very competitive rates...makes being a member of Cinfed a very smart, invaluable... 
— Carl, member since 1978
When purchasing a car for my daughter, Cinfed came through for me once again. They worked out every detail of the purchase loan right from the dealership lot, including setting up an online account... 
— Crissy, member since 1995
I have been a member of Cinfed almost as long as I've worked at IRS which is since 1975. I'll not bank anywhere else. The service I get from people like Jewel and Jennifer "J" at Gateway... 
— Linda, member since 1978
I joined Cinfed over 18 years ago. I love the chance that they give you to get things right. My family loves this too! What I would love to see this bank do is to notify customers via email... 
— Delores, member since 1986
When my previous bank refused to cash a corporate paycheck with one of the largest financial institutions, I went to Cinfed off of a members recommendation and without a question they cashed my... 
— Phil, member since 2008
I have had Cinfed for 14 years. They are the best bank I have ever had. They are always there to help me out of any jam I get into, with a friendly smile!!! Thank you Cinfed!!!
— Eric, member since 2001
Cinfed is pretty much the best, most helpful bank I've ever used. I previously used another local bank, but was encouraged to try Cinfed by my girlfriend. I've come to expect very little of banks in... 
— Logan, member since 2010
My husband and I have been members of Cinfed for over 25 years. When he retired, we had limited involvement with Cinfed since it was very close to our workplace, but not our home. Recently we... 
— Cheryl, member since 1981
I have been a member of Cinfed Credit Union since 1986 when I started working for IRS. I recently spent a week in the hospital and four weeks in a skilled nursing facility going through rehab. The... 
— Suzanne, member since 1986
Cinfed is special for me. I moved to several states and Cinfed is the only account I kept with me wherever I go. Through the shared branching, I get all the service I need. Whenever I call, I am... 
— Tseagye, member since 2010
Cinfed rocks! I hope you guys understand that what you are offering are not just loans and accounts but things that mean much more than that, things that keep hope alive, that help people like me... 
— Pankaj, member since 2014
I joined Cinfed after my first season working for IRS in the early 1980's. Now over thirty years later, I am still impressed with them. Every customer service representation that I have been in... 
— Ros
I've been banking with Cinfed for almost one year now and it has been a wonderful experience. They get back to you very promptly and can help you for all of your banking needs, quite efficiently. I... 
— Brandon, member since 2014
I have been a member for over 25 years. I think good service should be recognized. Julie at the Roselawn branch always gives great service with a smile. She is also a very dedicated employee. ... 
— Rita, member since 1985
I have had most of my family to join. I will never change banks, the service is great.
— Joen, member since 1988
Love them as a bank and the customer service has always been outstanding...Great job Cinfed.
— Posey, member since 1984
We've only been members for a little over a month and already feel the difference. I don't want to name names, but let's just say Cinfed is WAY better than our previous institution that rhymes with... 
— Jeff, Dawn, & Jordan, members since 2013
I been a member since 1985 and can not imagine banking anywhere else. This credit union as taken care of my every need. 24/7 services is excellent.
— Edward, member since 1985
Just closed on a Home Equity line of credit loan, and the process couldn't have been any easier. With this I was able to pay off 2 high interest credit cards and deposited the rest into a checking... 
— Thomas
Recently I tried to locate the Oakley office using google maps. The google directions did not get me close to Cinfed. I called the office and Liz remained on the phone until I reached the... 
— Debbie G
As a long time member, I have always received great service from all CinFed employees. I just wanted to say a special thank you to Dee Dee Day and Dawn Strickland. I had to make some changes to... 
— John-Member since 1990
Earlier this year my much younger sister passed away and with that many obligations were to be met by my husband and myself ..My sister was survived by a daughter and son. We have since then taken on... 
— Vonda
How lucky I am to have Liz Frey managing the office I use! I live in Florida but maintain Cinfed as my main banking office. Everytime I need special help a simple email or call to Liz and it is... 
— Debbie G

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