We Help Students Learn More
And Earn More With Events And Sponsorships.

Giving back to our local communities and the families who live there.

Cinfed always tries to find new ways to help students better manage their money and earn more for their financial future.

Just a few ways we're helping students grow up and grow money:
Highlander Credit Union: For Students, By Students!

Oak Hills High School students get a great opportunity to learn how to better manage their money. Supported by Cinfed, the student-run Highlander Credit Union offers exclusive perks!

Benefits Galore:

  • FREE Checking
  • FREE Highlander Debit Card
  • Savings Accounts
  • Savings Certificates
  • Highlander Credit Union is staffed and managed by OHHS students
  • Students can open an account with as little as $5

To set up an account, contact the Cinfed Western Hills branch at 513-333-7863.

Elementary Credit Union Partnerships – Youth Savings Program

Students at Fort Wright Elementary (KY) and Delshire Elementary (OH) learn about financial independence.

Rockstar Savings Account + Partnership Benefits:

  • FREE Interest-Earning Youth Savings Account
  • Deposit Days - Students can make deposits during lunch time at each school (see schedule below)
  • No Monthly Fees
  • All new accounts receive a $5 starter bonus!
  • Earn prizes for every 10th deposit
  • Birthday card and deposit voucher
  • Rockstar Newsletter with saving tips and contests

To set up an account, apply online here or contact the Ft. Wright branch (KY) at 513-333-3927 or the Western Hills branch (OH) at 513-333-7863.

Deposit Day Schedule:

Oak Hills - TuesdaysDelshire - WednesdaysFort Wright - Thursdays
Sept 13thSept 14thSept 15th
Oct 18thOct 12thOct 13th
Nov 15thNov 16thNov 17th
Dec 13thDec 14thDec 8th
Jan 24thJan 11thJan 19th
Feb 14thFeb 8thFeb 16th
March 21stMarch 15thMarch 16th
April 18thApril 12thApril 20th
May 16thMay 10thMay 11th