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Tips to Make the Most of Learning at Home

Posted on October 01, 2020
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Tips to Make the Most of Learning at Home

By Coach Fin

Maybe you didn’t plan on homeschooling your children or teens, but many of us find ourselves doing just that. Whether kids are learning from home full time or a couple of days a week, many adults are looking for ways to help their kids get the most from their education.

Get to know their learning styles

We all have different learning styles, paces and preferences. The more you know about how your children learn best, the better you’ll be able to support them. For example, if your children like working on their own or at their own pace, you might see them thrive with online learning. If they’re more engaged in a group setting, online learning might be more challenging. They might need the energy and camaraderie of working with a small group. If that’s the case, reach out to your child’s teacher to see about creating small virtual study groups.

Not sure what they need? No one has all the answers right now. But teachers are your ally and they want your children to succeed. Work through challenges as a team with your children and their teachers.

Foster unstructured learning

A long day in front of the screen or doing worksheets can be a grind. But not all learning has to take place in a virtual classroom. Here are some ways to support developing brains and bodies:

  • Take a baking or cooking break. Kids can be creative, follow a recipe, learn a life skill and work on fractions. Focus on the fun factor and the quality time together.
  • Put their hands-on interests to work. Ask them to help with a simple home repair, woodworking project or seasonal craft for your home.
  • Soak up some crisp autumn air. Even a few 15-minute breaks throughout the day can help you and your children reset and refocus. You could take short walks. Collect falling leaves. Study insects or watch squirrels stock up for winter. Ask younger children to point out shapes, colors or letters they’re learning.
  • Make physical education fun. Set up an indoor or outdoor obstacle course. Take jumping jack or dance party breaks. See who can do the most pushups or sit-ups. Play hoops or kickball. Ask the kids to make up fun family challenges.
  • Roll up change piling up in piggy banks (or under couch cushions). Kids can practice math and see how every little bit adds up. You could let them set a goal for how to spend the funds on something small or save toward a bigger post-COVID goal.
  • Help kids learn about household budgeting. You can give them a budget to take charge of. For example, smaller kids can choose toys or treats for family pets that fit the budget. Older kids can help decide how to spend a set amount on groceries (you can set the fruit, veggie, meat and grain requirements for an added nutrition lesson).

Give yourself (and your kids) some grace

There are going to be some tough moments. Especially if both you and your children are working from home. You’re presenting on a video conference when your teen rushes in with a frozen tablet. Or you’re on the phone with your boss when your first grader has a meltdown.

Find humor in these situations when you can. And take heart knowing you’re in good company. Many of your coworkers are right there with you, whether they live across town or across the country. Give yourself (and your kids) some grace. Let them watch a movie or play a game if that’s what it takes to get you all through the rough spots.

Cinfed’s Financial Education Resources

Kids aren’t the only ones who can learn at home. Want to brush up on your own education? The Cinfed Financial Education Center has a full library of topics you can study anytime, anywhere.

It’s not an easy environment for anyone – but some planning, clear communication and awareness of your kids’ needs will go a long way toward making sure everyone gets through to the other side.


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