Oct 28, 2022
The financial challenges of inflation are real, but you can get good ideas for saving money from your family members, friends — and the folks at Cinfed!

Here are 8 ways to keep more money in your wallet, courtesy of the Cinfed team.

  1. Gas prices can be different even in the same areas. I use Gas Buddy to search the best prices and compare my Kroger fuel rewards and have thought about buying gift cards to places I go to get four times the fuel rewards. (Jenifer)

  2. I put money in my savings account from each paycheck for my six-month car insurance premium. When I receive the bill, I pay for it using my Cinfed World Mastercard, so that gives me 1.5% cash back. Then I use the money from my savings to pay off the Mastercard bill. In essence, this gives me a discount on my insurance bill plus I know I have the money ready for it. My premium recently went down and I had an extra $200 in the savings account. (Wendy)

  3. When I see groceries are on sale (especially chicken and ground beef) I will buy extras and freeze them. I recently cleaned out my fridge and made a list of exactly what I already had squirreled away. Now I can meal plan and not spend money on things I already have! (Sarah)

  4. Download the app for your favorite restaurants. They will usually text you deals and most will give you a free gift on your birthday. Some even have reward programs that lead up to free food. (Dave)

  5. Calculate your monthly bills, divide by 4, and save that amount each week. I set a certain amount for gas and food, pay installments on my loans and then the rest into my savings. I also pack my lunch and try not to eat out. (Ashley)

  6. I recently consolidated some higher interest rate debt into my Cinfed HELOC [Home Equity Line of Credit] to have one lower monthly payment while paying down debt at the same rate. (Kelsey)

  7. I take advantage of Cinfed’s Christmas Club and put money away every week so Christmas is paid for in cash and I don’t use any credit cards. It is money out of sight and out of mind until October 1st then I can start shopping. (Susan)

  8. Research different phone providers for reduced monthly cell bills. You can often get similar coverage and features while paying less. (Laura)