Jun 03, 2022
If you’re leasing a car or truck, and you’re nearing the end of your agreement, a lease buyout may be the right solution for you.

Currently, the new vehicle selection at most dealers is limited, and the price of used cars has gone up 30 - 40% in the past year, according to USA Today.

When you lease a car, your contract specifies a buyout price when the agreement expires. That price was established at the start of your lease, likely three or four years ago – before the arrival of many of the issues that are pushing current prices higher. So – buying out your leased vehicle may be the best deal you can find.

How do you start the process? Contact Cinfed to get started and learn about your options. Besides a great rate, you’ll find more ways to make the most of your money. Find the right solution – and get the best deal!

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