Aug 10, 2022

Financial skills are important at any age, but studies show that when young people learn the basics, they handle money better as adults. To help the next generation get ready to manage their finances, Cinfed introduces “MyMoney by Cinfed,” a free online financial education resource for ages 14-18.

MyMoney contains three educational modules; within each module are segments that address specific financial topics. Every element of MyMoney was created with teens in mind:

  • Each module tells a relatable story that illustrates the benefits of good money skills
  • The program is formatted for a tablet or smartphone
  • Each segment takes 10 minutes or less
  • It’s FREE!

MyMoney is available to teens anytime, anywhere – regardless of their age, their school, or their level of financial knowledge – and can be used by Cinfed members as well as anyone in the community.

MyMoney complements the free resources available through the Cinfed Financial Education Center but addresses important issues specifically for teens about how to manage their money.

Visit MyMoney here.