May 25, 2023

The warm, summer air and trips to the beach are upon us! But before you head out the door for your summer vacation, don’t forget to plan for your finances while you’re gone. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your time away can be “worry free”:

  • Plan in advance. Schedule bill payments, put a hold on mail deliveries, and arrange a pet sitter if necessary. If your vacation is longer than a few days, ask a family member or trusted neighbor to periodically check on your home and set up any outdoor maintenance to be taken care of. Make sure they have your correct contact information just in case issues arise.

  • Consider travel insurance in case of illness, injury, or robbery. If something goes wrong, travel insurance will save you from paying thousands of dollars for an unexpected hospital bill or replacement of stolen items. There are several insurance companies to choose from, so do the necessary research to find the best fit for you. Here are a few additional tips on how to choose the best travel insurance.

  • Set a travel notification for your debit or credit cards. This is designed to protect you from fraud, meaning your out-of-town transactions won’t be flagged for security purposes. For Cinfed members, log into Digital Banking, go to Card Management and select the “More” tab. You’ll maintain access to your accounts and it goes into effect almost immediately.

  • Use your Cinfed Mastercard for all expenses. Mastercard holders earn cash back or rewards points on credit card purchases, plus you’ll have enhanced protection in case of fraudulent charges, or your card is lost or stolen. Mastercard holders have access to identity theft specialists and are provided assistance to cancel and replace your stolen debit/credit card, driver’s license, Social Security card, and passport at any time.

  • Carry emergency cash. One of the worst situations would be having your wallet stolen and being left stranded. Bring enough cash with you to cover travel expenses and other necessities such as food if you’re far away from your hotel.

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